Sunday, May 6, 2007

How Can You Help?

You may send your donations to any of Bantay Bata 163 Bank Accounts:

Account Name: Bantay Bata 163

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
West Triangle Branch, Quezon City
Peso Account # 3051-1101-95

Equitable PCI-Bank (EPCI)
Quezon Avenue Branch, Quezon City
Peso Account # 1276-01405-2
Dollar Account # 5276-00072-3

Philippine National Bank (PNB)
Commonwealth Branch, Quezon City
Peso Account # 226-505317-6
Dollar Account # 226-700543-8

Thanks and more Power!

A Call To Bring Smile to BB 163

HELP WANTED: 5000 FRIENDS or more... build one more home for abused Filipino children

“Rommel” is the eldest of 5 children living in a slum area. His occasionally employed father often goes home drunk, beats him to near-death –pouring over the poor boy all his anger and frustrations in life. Face bruised, eyes and lips swollen and body covered with wounds from beatings and pinch marks, Bantay Bata rescued “Rommel”. He is only 6 years old.

For 2 years, “Baby Girl” has been repeatedly raped by her stepfather. She fearfully admitted this to her guidance counselor after being confronted on some disturbing behavior. The case was reported to Bantay Bata who took custody of the child. The perpetrator is at large. “Baby Girl” is only 9 years old.

“Carol” has been diagnosed having a fatal disease in the liver. She is the youngest among 3 children of a young couple who’s only source of living is the father’s meager earning as a bus conductor.She needs at least Php3 million to survive. Through Bantay Bata, public appeal for support via media was made.“Carol” is only 11 months old.

These are only a few general profile of children being helped by Bantay Bata 163. Some other cases are less heartbreaking, others are unbelievably worse. It takes a deeper understanding of what poverty really is to believe that such brutality and suffering can and do exist. There is no need to check on statistics. Let us not wait till there be millions of these children before we do something. The extreme suffering of one even just one innocent child should propel us to action. You can help them from here and from now on.

For years, despite concerted efforts of various government and non government organizations, the incidence of child abuse in the Philippines is still high. There is still much to be done and more projects are initiated to address the needs of these children. This is the very reason that prompted Bantay Bata 163 to appeal for support among the Filipinos in Singapore. Specifically, we are in need of more resources to build four more cottages in our Children’s Village, a would-be home to around 200 abused children. The present facilities are barely enough for the 110 children being sheltered there. Meantime, the rescue continues and we urgently need to put up all the facilities required to provide healing for these little victims.

The target before Christmas 2006 is to be able to raise enough funds to build at least 1 cottage –coming from all concerned Filipino in Singapore. And, to make this goal a reality, we are launching the Bantay Bata 163 Circle of Friends in Singapore but for the mean time, by just visiting one site a day, you too can make a difference.

In return , the BB 163 Circle of Friends will each receive:

* Immeasurable joy only true generosity can give. Imagine, with just one site a day, you will be able to contribute in building a home for abused children. Is not that rewarding enough?

This fund drive is a one-time appeal but at the same time, it is hoped to be the beginning of a more promising partnership between Bantay Bata and the donor community in Singapore. Donating for the cause can be very well your best pre-Christmas gift for children-in-distress. Of course, you are welcome to give more.